Knapp Music features a wide selection of both wood (Pernambuco) and Carbon Fiber Bows.  We carry a number of top brands including CODA Bow, JonPaul Bows, L'Archet Brasil, Marco Raposo, and Glasser.  The following models are available in violin, viola, cello and bass.  Fractional-size options are limited.  

Choosing a violin bow is an important part of the overall package for string players.  Many people don't realize that the bow makes a big difference in the sound quality and the overall playability of a violin, viola, cello or bass.  We are well aware of the importance that a bow plays in bringing out the power and beauty of an instrument, and we will work with you to make the best decision, balancing both quality and price, in order to meet your goals.

Beginner Bows

  • Glasser Fiberglass
  • Carboni
  • K. Holtz
  • J. Remy
  • Fusion
  • JonPaul Noir
  • Ophelia Hybrid
  • Eastman B 40 Brazilwood

Intermediate Bows

  • CODA Prodigy ... Carbon Fiber
  • CODA Diamond NX ... Carbon Fiber
  • JonPaul Matrix
  • Presto Encore ... Carbon Fiber
  • Presto Ovation ... Carbon Fiber
  • Presto Audition ... Carbon Fiber
  • JonPaul Fusion ... Carbon Fiber
  • Eastman B60 Pernambuco
  • Eastman B80 Pernambuco

Advanced Bows

  • CODA Diamond SX ... Carbon Fiber
  • CODA Diamond GX ... Carbon Fiber
  • JonPaul Bravo ... Carbon Fiber
  • JonPaul Carrera ... Carbon Fiber
  • Presto Impulse ... Carbon Fiber
  • Marco Raposo ... Pernambuco
  • L'Archet Brasil ... several models of Pernambuco
  • Dorfler ... Pernambuco